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Welcome to HCPC Defence Barristers

> To provide health and social care professionals with high quality specialist advocacy and advisory services
> To ensure value for money in the services we provide to clients
> To ensure clients have confidence in our services

HCPC Defence Barristers – If you are a health or care professional facing issues with registration, or have been referred to the HCPC for investigation then we can help.

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HCPC Defence Barristers

HCPC Defence Barristers

We understand the complexities of working in health and social care.

Tribunals and Court

We have particular expertise in healthcare regulation.

Our Service

Cost effective with fixed costs wherever possible.

Start to Finish

Preparing your case and representing you at hearings.

Acting in Defence

Defending a variety of clinicians brought before tribunals.

Fit to Practice

A registrant’s ability to practice safely and effectively.

Welcome to HCPC Defence Barristers



 HCPC defence barristers are a team of barristers with specialist knowledge and experience in health and social care law. If you are a heath, psychological or social care professional who has had a complaint made against you or a concern raised about your fitness to practice then HCPC defence barristers can help.

Our experienced barristers can help you through the process. We can help every step of the way from advising you how to present your initial response to preparation of your case and representation at hearings. Some of our barristers have experience of working in healthcare and understand the environment in which you work and the daily pressures you face.

We pride ourselves on complete transparency and all quotations are given with fixed fees for preparation and representation, agreed in advance and payable in stages. No hidden costs ever.

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HCPC Defence Barristers

About HCPC Defence Barristers

Professionals working in the areas of health and social care have very demanding jobs and frequently have to navigate HCPC legal issues. There are challenges and complexities involved in working within both private and public healthcare systems and at HCPC Legal our defence barristers appreciate those issues extremely well. If you have received a notice that you have been referred to the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) our legal experts can help.

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HCPC Defence

What we do

Health and Care professionals who face loss of their registration also face the loss of their livelihood and the negative impacts that that lead from that. It is essential that if you are facing such issues that you seek out the right professionas to fight your case. At HCPC Defence Barristers, we understand the legal issues our clients face. Our range of services are very extensive and cover all aspects of HCPC legal issues.

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Public Access HCPC Defence Barristers

Public Access HCPC Defence Barristers

Our HCPC defence barristers can work directly with you on your case. We are highly professional and experienced specialist HCPC barristers who can work with you from start to finish helping to prepare you case and also represent you at hearings before your regulatory body. We are meticulous in our preparation and offer excellent client care. Under the Public Access scheme members of the public can approach a barrister directly without having to go through a solicitor or other party. Whilst the barrister’s role has remains the same, the public can instruct a barrister through the Public Access Scheme. The main advantage being that it could save you money as you just pay for a barrister instead of having to pay for a barrister and a solicitor.

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