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About HCPC Defence Barristers

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Health and social care professionals have some of the most demanding jobs.
We are a team of barristers who understand the complexities of working in health and social care.
We understand public and private healthcare, HCPC legal issues and the challenges working within those systems.
If you have received notice that you have been referred to the Health and Care Professions Council we can help. Contact us in the early stages of your referral and we can assist you through the investigatory process before a decision has been made regarding whether or not you have a case to answer.
HCPC defence barristers have appeared in a wide range of tribunals and courts with particular expertise in healthcare regulation.
Our barristers have defended a variety of health and care professionals namely doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, speech therapists, paramedics, social workers, ODPs and chiropractors.
We have defended all grades and levels of health and care professionals working in a variety of clinical settings.

HCPC legal defence barristers

HCPC defence barristers have acted in defence of a variety of clinicians brought before disciplinary and regulatory tribunals for issues including; lack of competence, negligence, ill health, dishonesty and fraud.
Our HCPC legal barristers can advise health and care professionals on issues such as registration, re-registration and appeals, revalidation, referrals about your fitness to practice for matters such as misconduct, lack of competence, physical or mental health or as a result of a criminal conviction.
We also provide advice regarding interim orders, consent orders and appeals. We can also assist if there has been a determination made by another regulator or if you have been included on a barred list.
We accept instructions direct from health and care professionals or from solicitors representing health and care professionals. Many of our barristers appear regularly before HCPC legal panels and have represented all grades of health and care professionals from all disciplines including physiotherapists, paramedics, speech and language therapists, operating department practitioners and social workers.