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Protected Titles

Professional Protected Titles

Protected Titles – Each of the professions the HCPC regulate has one or more ‘designated title’ which is protected by law. These are ‘protected titles’ and anyone using one of these titles must be on the HCPC Register. A person who is not registered with the HCPC and who misuses a ‘designated title’ is in breech of the law and may be subject to prosecution. The HCPC aim to make sure the law is upheld in order that ‘members of the public are protected from being misled into thinking a person is a registered professional when they are not’. When the Health and Care Professions Council receive reports designated titles may be being misused, they contact the person or third party concerned (or both) with an explanation the law and in that communication they tell them that they should not misuse the title.
If there is evidence to show that they are committing an offence, we may also send a ‘cease and desist’ notice, which sets out what action we may take if the person or third party continues to commit the offence. If a person or third party does not respond to us or continues to commit an offence, they may be prosecuted, which could lead to a criminal record and a substantial fine of up to £5,000.
According to the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC), the ‘Protected Titles’ below are protected by law.

Protected Titles

The HCPC may prosecute anyone who continues to 'misuse a protected title and, on conviction, they are liable to a fine of up to £5000."

Profession Protected title(s)
Arts therapist • Art psychotherapist
• Art therapist
• Dramatherapist
• Music therapist
Biomedical scientist • Biomedical scientist
Chiropodist / podiatrist • Chiropodist
• Podiatrist
Clinical scientist • Clinical scientist
Dietitian • Dietitian
• Dietician
Hearing aid dispenser • Hearing aid dispenser
Occupational therapist • Occupational therapist
Operating department practitioner • Operating department practitioner
Orthoptist • Orthoptist
Paramedic • Paramedic
Physiotherapist • Physiotherapist
• Physical therapist
Practitioner psychologist • Practitioner psychologist
• Registered psychologist
• Clinical psychologist
• Counselling psychologist
• Educational psychologist
• Forensic psychologist
• Health psychologist
• Occupational psychologist
• Sport and exercise psychologist
Prosthetist / Orthotist • Prosthetist
• Orthotist
Radiographer • Radiographer
• Diagnostic radiographer
• Therapeutic radiographer
Social workers in England • Social worker
Speech and language therapist • Speech and language therapist
• Speech therapist


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