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What we do

What We Do

HCPC defence barristers understand your needs. Our HCPC Defence Lawyers provide an excellent service to health and care professionals facing the potential loss of their registration and livelihood. Our service is cost effective with fixed costs wherever possible so that you are in control.

  • Applications for Registration
  • Registration Appeals
  • International Registration
  • Temporary Registration
  • Internal Disciplinary and Grievance
  • HCPC Referrals
  • Fitness to Practice Hearings
  • Conduct and Competence Hearings
  • Health Committee Hearings
  • Interim Orders Hearings
  • Preparation for hearings
  • Representation at hearings
  • Preparation of witness statements
HCPC Defence Lawyers

HCPC defence barristers understand your needs. Our HCPC Defence Lawyers provide an excellent service to health and care professionals facing the potential loss of their registration and livelihood."

Why Choose Us

We provide specialist Public Access HCPC Defence Barristers. Our team of HCPC Defence Lawyers have wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of healthcare regulation. We understand the process and can work with you every step of the way. Follow the links below to find out more about our expertise in areas of HCPC law and regulatory matters.

What is HCPC?

What is the HCPC?

The HCPC are the regulator for a large number of heath and care professionals. They protect the public and keep a register of professionals who meet HCPC standards for training, skills, behaviour and health. The professionals who are regulated by the HCPC have titles protected by law and it is a criminal offence for a professional to claim that they are regulated when they are not or to use a protected title they are not entitled to use.

HCPC fitness to practice

HCPC Fitness To Practice

A registrant is “fit to practice” if they have the skills, knowledge and character to practice their profession safely and
effectively. Fitness to practice is not confined to professional performance as it also includes acts by a registrant which may affect public protection or public confidence in the profession.

Health and Care Professions Council Code of Practice

Health and Care Professions Council Code of Practice

These standards apply not only to registrants but also to people who are applying to become registered. The standards are important in terms of assisting the HCPC make decisions about the character of people who apply to become registered but also in terms of whether a registrant is fit to practise.

HCPC Registration

HCPC Registration

HCPC defence barristers can provide assistance with the HCPC registration process application and appeals and with international or temporary registration for those health and care professionals who want to work in the UK. We can also assist with re-admission to the register if your registration has lapsed for any reason.

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