Taxi Defence Barristers

We are dedicated team of barristers with specialist expertise in the regulations relating to the conduct and performance of taxi and mini cab drivers. Taxi Driver Defence Barristers have been set up to assist members of the passenger carrying industry with any legal issues they may face.
We know that the licensing of the industry is not always straightforward and many cab drivers may find themselves unsure which way to turn for help. We aim to:

  • Provide Taxi and Minicab Drivers high quality specialist advocacy and advisory services.
  • Offer value for money in the services we provide to clients.
  • Ensure sure our clients have confidence in our services.

Taxi Defence Barristers prepare and draft all necessary documents required in preparation for your case. Additionally we prepare matters for appeals. We can also provide you with a barrister for representation at appeal hearings.

Taxi Defence Barristers

A dedicated Taxi Driver Barrister service

Our process is designed to meet the needs of cab drivers facing legal issues making a taxi licence revoked appeal or the refusal to renew a taxi licence. All of our clients legal services of the highest quality. We review at each case on an individual basis an plan a tailored approach on the best way to proceed. Using our considerable of experience to guide our planning process, we propose the best strategy in order for you to receive the best possible result. Our client are kept fully informed at all stages of proceedings so that they feel they are in control of their case.
Taxi Defence Barristers stand out ahead of many barristers offering taxi legal services to cab drivers because we focus and have a genuine, in depth understanding of our clients business. As part of the the Public Access Scheme, our legal services are extremely cost-effective, a real benefits in today’s legal marketplace. We are up-front and transparent at all times with our pricing and our clients are always informed of the cost of pursuing their case before making any decision to go ahead.

We are here to help

Our taxi barristers have had many success in challenging the decisions of Transport for London and the Public Carriage Office. Our barristers never underestimate importance of guiding clients through the complexities of taxi laws and regulations. We ensure our clients understand at each stage what is happening and why.

Need to discuss a taxi licence revocation or a taxi license refusal?